Another week or so has passed by and what have we been up to???

We have completed a variety of bike rides testing out our e-bikes, we’ve seen more of red old-style telephone boxes, in various disguises, one was a book store / library and another housed a defibrillator and one was still a phone box. The trip to Amberley Museum has raised an interest again, in the telephone boxes of our youth. These were our equivalent of mobile phones when we were growing up!

We managed to cycle to and up Box Hill, Dorking – its part of the Prudential Ride London cycle rides. We did overtake a couple of cyclists riding on road bikes and I felt obliged to apologise, but still its better than sitting and waiting for our adventure at home – it was great fun too, just realised we slightly over pushed ourselves – too soon! 34 miles in total!

We went to Hever Castle – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn ( second wife of Henry VIII) . Lots to see and do and the rain stayed off until we left 🙂

We heard from Rachel at Erwin Hymer, who has let us know the MoHo will be ready in about 2 – 3 weeks, so time to plan.

Where are we going to go? How are we going to collect the MoHo? Will we sell the car in time? What do we need to take? Are we going to start our adventure straight away or come home and load up say our good-byes and then go on the adventure? When is the best time for us to cross the channel? Where will we go? How long should we plan to spend in each country – or do we just let the country and place dictate to us? What do we need to take?

It is looking more likely that we are going to pick up the MoHo and have a slow saunter back to pick up our equipment, clothes, food etc. The dog needs to have a groom before we set off – he’s all booked in (about the only thing we’ve managed to plan for, hopefully not booked for Pick Up Day or we’ll need to reschedule!

We’ve been asking our friends who are already travelling for help and advice. Thank you Trucking and Looking, Rewind the Gap and Wandering Bird for your answers to my sometimes silly questions.

Still more things to sort out and see and do – so I’ll leave it here. As always, thank you for reading, we’ll be back with more news soon.

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