As I write, we are currently waiting for the date to be able to begin our adventure. Neither of us is very good at waiting! We know the MoHo is in the country – its currently waiting for the registration to be completed and the extras added. I think that’s making the waiting harder. We hadn’t posted anything as we felt there was nothing to tell you but as we sit and wait we realise there is. So what have we been up to?

We have both finished work and are looking forward to our life on the road. We’re following the blogs of our friends out on the road and reading with envy the new posts from the newbies Life Beyond Bricks https://www.facebook.com/LifeBeyondBricks/ who have set off in their new Dethleffs motorhome with their cats.

We’ve been on cycle rides – getting used to the new electric bikes we bought (not so much of a lazy solution, think gym bike with scenery and destinations). We’ve realised what equipment will make life easier. And dealt with the puncture I got on the Worth Way.

We went on a boat trip. It was a lovely day spent with family out in Chichester Harbour, having lunch on the Pontoon at Emsworth.

We’ve created Sunday Funday – I vowed once we weren’t working there would be no more rushing on Sundays to complete the week’s chores, cleaning, washing, ironing etc and we would go out an do stuff, slight lapse on week two, but expected due to a wedding the night before! So far, we’ve visited Amberley Museum and Petworth House – both on our doorstep and never been visited.

We have cleared out more clutter – how much can you hoard, just in case? We thought we’d done loads before downsizing, but we found more – a bag for the charity shop, a bag of rubbish and a box for the loft! Stupidly, this also included an OS Map we could have used on a bike ride (oops) – so we’ll have to unpack and find it!

We’ve put stuff into boxes awaiting the off. Trying to keep the weight limited and clutter to a minimum. I’m certain in a few months time we’ll be writing and telling you how much we have got rid of again! We’ve read the equipment lists of others who have gone before – thank you Vanda and Andy – https://truckingandlooking.blogspot.com/p/what-we-packed.html and realised what might be useful – I remembered reading years ago when we first started dreaming that a potato masher was a must – so we have that packed ( there are times when mashed potato is a must and we’ve managed it in various places across the UK and Europe) with limited space and resources – from tents to the campervan!

We’ve loosely planned routes and itineraries.

We’ve sorted bank accounts and insurances. Had the dog looked at by the vet, organised his boosters.

Tomorrow is another Sunday Funday so let’s see what we do or where we go… while we wait!

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