About Us

Hi, I’m Sarah and Three go Travelling is me, my partner Ric and our Border Terrier, Albi.

Almost 11 years ago, Ric & I went camping for the first time together. We had a small Bivy tent, mummy sleeping bags and the heaviest rucksacks known to man! It was one of the coldest trips of my life. BUT it didn’t stop us.

We bought a new bigger tent, with floorprint and carpet (and bedrooms) sleeping bags we could wriggle in to get warm and generally had a better experience. We survived the Langdale Train (although our tent awning didn’t), we nearly ended up in the next valley trying to put it away. Thankfully in true camping spirit a couple of other campers helped. We’ve had lots of memorable trips, but then we upgraded again to a campervan.

We bought a VW Transporter and had it converted by Bilbo’s to their Celex model and have spent the last 6 years travelling in it all over the UK, Ireland and Europe. Some of our trips will be posted on here.

In November 2018, we saw a post on a facebook page asking: Could you be our next Motorhome Blogger? The search is on!

We replied to Erwin Hymer Group and via email, the phone and a visit to County Durham, where we met the lovely Rachel & Emma, who have offered us an Etrusco Motorhome for a year. More details will follow once we know more….

We have just downsized our house and handed in our notices (Ric is taking voluntary redundancy) and just waiting for the MoHo to be delivered to the UK.

We read loads of posts from people who are currently travelling – Trukin’n’Lookin’ Rewind the Gap, The Office is Closed to name a few. We’re sponging information from everywhere and trying to get sorted – what seemed like an age away is now fast approaching.

As you can probably tell, I do most of the reading and writing – Ric is fed information as I find it, everything from photos, information, equipment and places to visit.

Albi is now 10 and has joined us on all our adventures in that time – his first hill climb was Helm Crag, Grasmere and he did Hellvellyn at about 2 (He found the route across Striding Edge). As long as he is with us he is happy – well he appears it – he follows us around and sits on us when we’re packing to go away so I’m sure that’s a good sign! I do wonder whether he thinks what are these idiots up to know!!!

Thank you for reading this, keep in touch (if you want to),

Sarah, Ric & Albi

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