The Beginning of our Adventure…

I saw this on a calender in 2019 and had to buy it as it was so appropriate to our year ahead.

Approximately 5 years ago Ric & I thought about quitting our jobs and selling our house to go off travelling. Although, we both liked our jobs but were getting fed up with having to rush to places we wanted to see and rush back to our jobs. The thought of being able to travel slowly to see places we wanted to visit and not have a timescale there was becoming appealing!

In June 2018, we put our house on the market with a view to downsize and buy another property to rent out, giving us an income for our life on the road. In October, 2018 we sold our house, and found the property which would enable us to travel.

In November 2018, I saw a blog on Laika Motorhome UK’s Facebook page via The Office is Closed which was asking for bloggers – The headline that caught my eye – COULD YOU BE OUR NEXT MOTORHOME BLOGGER? along with the message below:

WORLD TRAVELLERS. We currently have a network of Bloggers, touring the UK and Europe in a fleet of Erwin Hymer Group vehicles – and now we’re looking for our next wave of recruits. As one of our Bloggers you’d be joining the ranks of our other intrepid adventurers, such as Truckin N Lookin, Rewind The Gap, Gr8fool, Scott ‘Boom Boom’ Beaumont, Ali Clarkson and The Office is Closed.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY … Start by telling us – here on our Facebook – where you would go, what you would do and who you would go with … and post along with a fun selfie 🤳

We will provide our chosen Bloggers with a brand-new motorhome from the Erwin Hymer Group portfolio for a whole year … so, if this is your dream, get posting and it could come true!

We applied, we told no-one, we were contacted back by Rachel and Emma at Erwin Hymer and gave a few more details. We contacted each other by phone, in secret, and arranged a meeting at the EHG Offices in Consett, Co Durham for January 2019.

We told our families and a few friends who were all sworn to secrecy. We still didn’t think that we had a chance – things like this don’t happen to us!

We met Rachel and Emma on a cold grey Friday morning and were so surprised to be offered a wonderful new Motorhome, supplied by Etrusco UK. It is due to arrive in the UK in May. This was perfect, Ric & I were planning to leave work in March / April, but were still waiting for our house buyers to exchange contracts. We had the biggest grins on our faces as we drove back down the motorway.

We finally got the moving dates through in February we would be completing the house sale and purchase in early March. Ric applied for and was given redundancy! and I handed in my notice.

We moved home and have rented it out – luckily to Ric’s son and are currently sharing the space. We are finishing up our jobs and making the few improvements need to our home, and selling our car and the campervan, whilst eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Motorhome.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more 🙂 Thank you for reading, Sx


  1. Wow what a great adventure awaits you guys, life really is so precious enjoy every moment of your journey, best of luck to you both, I will be looking forward to seeing your blog ,

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