Week 38: Lockdown

Not the normal view (or is Nortia trying to hide)

Monday, started as a normal day. Reg slept until almost 06:00. Although, it was a cold night, the sun rose and the weather warmed quickly. We had moved pitches as the pitch we were on was not available for our lengthened visit. Not happy with our orientation we chose to turn Nortia around to take advantage of the sun. We popped over to the cafe on the site, it is only open for take-away but the food is amazing. We got the chairs out and sat in the sunshine, allowing Reg to play a little. Later, we were informed that the campsite has to close by Friday evening, and the Prime Minister, basically put the country into lockdown. It was a no brainer, we had to leave, but where?

We had two options we could realistically put in place and went with our first choice. We’ve parked up next to our home. We rented it out, while we were off travelling, but thankfully we are able to use the garden and Reg has somewhere to play. He’s been running around like a looney. It will give us a chance to reflect and complete a few chores we need to do. Reg has a vet’s appointment booked for his second jabs. He’ll have a chance to grow and play here. We can also plan our future trips.

The week has been a little different to our usual ones. We’ve had to stay in one place ( a bit like Storm Gloria, but without the view. We’ve managed to go out on our bikes (one of our lodgers petsits Reg) and for a couple of strolls, in line with the Government Guidelines. We’ve queued for food and started cleaning Nortia.

We’ve written a list of chores to try and keep us occupied, how many will get completed is another thing! So far we have completed three!

We’re lucky to be safe and warm with somewhere to stay, without imposing on others and able to practice the social distancing advised. We’ll be back with a slightly changed blog next week, unless we can get back on the road or something significant happens in between! Thank you as always for reading and we hope that you and your family and friends stay safe and well.


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