Places We’ve Stayed (1)

PART ONE July and August ( and a bit of September, it seemed wrong to leave out two dates in Sweden)!

These are in the order we stayed and not country order. OK – we wouldn’t mind staying again if passing; LOVE – we would go again; NO – we would never stay again.

TYPE – ACSI; CC – Campercontact APP; SP – Stellplatz APP; Sat – Sat Nav

NOTES – Things we did or what made it good!

JULY 2019

Site NAmeTownTYpeVERdictNotes
Camping BuitenlustAlphen, ACSIOK
Camping Fort BedmarDe KlingeACSIOK
Vankantie De KleppersteeOuddorp?LOVEcycling routes
Camperplaats Het Groene HartAbbenesCCOKStellplatz
Gaasper Camping AmsterdamCCOKclose to city centre short tram ride
Recreatiecentrum MounewetterWitmarsumACSIOKOn canal short walk to town
Elbdeich CampingKollmarACSILOVEFlag raised in honour cycling routes nearby
Tønder CampingTønder ACSIOKClose to town and shops
Søndervig CampingSøndervig ACSIOK
Bygholm Camping ThyVesløs ACSIOK
Skagen CampingSkagenACSILOVECycle Routes and close to town centre
Aalborg Familie CampingAalborgACSILOVECycle routes and close to town centre
Faaborg CampingFaaborgACSILOVELovely town nearby
Lomma CampingLommaACSINOMosquito city
City CampHalmstadSPOKStellplatz in town centre
Bua HamnBuaSPLOVEHarbour parking
Hamnen I Henån Henån SPOKclose to town centre
Bogstad CampingOsloCCOKCity Centre camping
Lystang CampingNotoddenLOVEon a river; cycle to town been before and love
Flothyl Camping EdlandCCOKfound by accident and would go back
Taulen Camping VossestrandCCOKfound by accident and would go back
Horndøla CampingHorndøla SatOKlook out for tour coaches – cafe on site
Gullberget Camping Åsen ACSIOK
Mosjøen Camping MosjøenACSIOK


Saltstraumen CampingSaltstraumenACSIOKGo see the tide
Ballangen CampingBallangen ACSILOVEfish in the Fjord
Tromsø  Lodge & CampingTromsdalenACSIOKcurry delivery to pitch!
Fosselv CampingSandelvaACSIOK
Russenses Hotel & CampingOlderfjordACSIOKenroute to Nordkapp
NordkappNordkappLOVEincluded in entry price wild camp with facilities til 00:00 from 06:00
Iford CampingIfordCCLOVEBasic and rustic but being renovated
Wild CampNeidenOKstop for night – no facilities
Wild Camp SiteOlkkajarven VenesatamaCCLOVEon a lake, with toilet, close to Santa’s Village
Iin SillatIiCCLOVE
Gallivare CampingGallivareCCLOVENear Ski resort, free laundry close to town (with Chinese)
Ljuselfosens RastplatsMoskosel CCOKWild camp with toilet. Right on the river
Kvarkenfisk StellplatzTafteaSPLOVEDon’t be tempted to try the stinky fish
Snubbens CampingRamvikCCLOVE
Galtstrom Vid HavetGaltstromSPLOVELPG in town Facilities Wild camp Fishing available
Wildlife SwedenAngraCCLOVE
Lesjors StellplatzLesjorsSPLOVENext to Lake toilet & Disposal
Ornas CampingAmalCCLOVEOn the Lake
Hamnen I HenanHenanSPLOVEharbour location, close to town with facilities and free laundry
Holsljunga StellplatzHolsljungaSPOK
Alholmens Sand & CampingSolvesborgACSIOK
Tostsberga HamnTostebergaSPLOVEmight be a squeeze but worth it Euro or SEK CASH Only
Dalskars CampingBergkvaraACSIOK
Gronhogens HamnGronhogensSPLOVECycle trips out on Island
Boda HamnBoda, BorgholmSPLOVEFacilities and restaurant
Paskallaviks GasthamnPaskallaviksSPLOVEPizza take away, near by and Free Laundry and Facilities
Grannas Camping ValdermarsvikACSIOKCheck the Stellplatz in town first.
Femore GasthamnOxelosundSPLOVE
Rosjobaden CampingSollentunaCCLOVEWalking and cycle trails. Good facilities close to Stockholm
Tallink Silja GalaxyFerryTo Finland

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