Week 3: Skagen to Bua, Sweden

This week, we left Skagen and travelled south down the main island to Aarlborg, mainly in search of the curry!

Aarlborg is a beautiful town on a river and another excellent place to cycle. We did a lovely long bike ride but forgot to turn on Strava so couldn’t post it!

The cycle ride did involve a small crash (the dog trailer clipped a kerb and the dog was rolled out)! He did just stand there with a look as if to say what have you done! While Ric’s pride took a knock – it had to have happened on a path at lights on a busy road!) The dog was fine. We also found the curry house! Not the same as we were used to but it stopped the craving.

The weather was so hot there. Just outside the campsite was a free swimming pool /lake in the fjord. Danish fjords are different to Norwegian ones.

From Aarlborg we headed south to the island of Fyn and a lovely campsite in Faaberg. Here, there was some grass for Albi to play on. The village is a short distance away and we had a quick look before finding another harbour to have lunch at. Also needed to find postcards and a phone charger before crossing into Sweden.

The plan was simple, two toll bridges and the tunnel and we’d be at the campsite in Malmo. Five years ago on our first visit we’d stopped just under the Bridge at a slightly run-down campsite and felt it only fitting to return. So, over the bridge a quick trip to the supermarket (quick note if you’re planning a visit supermarkets don’t sell any alcohol over 3.5% – you need to go to a Systembolaget. They are very easy to find and fairly reasonable in price – not UK prices but not Norway prices!).

We arrived at the campsite to find the longest queue and Motorhome u-turns! The once rundown campsite had been revamped and was FULL! We later found out there was a big horse show in town too!

A quick check on the map and apps and we found a campsite just up the road. It would do! On the coast – lovely but there was no real strategy regarding pitches and it was midge city! The toilet facilities weren’t the best but we have all we need in the Motorhome- we’d got lazy and not been using what we had, even paying for the privilege! Time for a review!

Our shower is so much better than most of the campsite ones, and you have everything to hand – it’s an en-suite facility! No more wet seats and clothes, cramped cubicles and wet walls, token boxes and smells!

After this campsite, we went to our first wild campsite (almost)! We were in the town of Halmstad at the Motorhome city camp, without electricity but for less than half the price of the site the night before. It had a good location on the river, a short walk to the town centre and a sculpture trail. We even spotted a Picasso!

We decided to try our luck at another Stellplatz (overnight camper stop) the next night. As it was Saturday we thought we’d get there as early as we could, so we stocked up with groceries and set off – the previous night we’d got the last decent spot.

We arrived at Bua in time for a late lunch, pulled up into a parking space each has an area to the side where you can sit and cook. We went and bought our ticket 240 Swedish Krone for a night with Motorhome service point (about £20). On the way back a space had become free on the harbour side! I stood in the space and Ric rushed to get the Motorhome into the space. As it happens people were in and out most of the day – your time starts when you get there!

We settled in nicely, met a lovely group of Swedish campers who had arrived to meet up and chatted for a long time. They also informed us that the Stellplatz had been voted the best in Sweden last year and we could see why! Just by the Stellplatz was a restaurant selling Chinese and European food. It would have been rude not to try it.

After a fantastic sunny day and a wait for the sunset, the heavens opened. We both awoke and checked the skylights just in case.

Sunday, after a showery night the morning was clear and sunny. Then the rain moved in again. It stayed dry enough to walk to the local supermarket. The weather looked promising so we walked around the point and saw a nice swimming point, Ganets drying their wings and the lighthouse. The weather so good, we decided to give the Motorhome a quick wash. We’d just finished and in true British Sunday car wash tradition it rained!

The rain cleared and was followed by storm force winds, all night, causing another check outside to ensure all was secure. The metal plate we have on the bike cover was hitting the bikes by our heads, so nothing serious but another sleepless night!

Week 4 nears with a vet visit and Norway. We’re planning the next stage as I write, we have memories from before and places we couldn’t get to as we had to go back to work!

Now there’s a thing we haven’t thought of recently – work. Apologies to all of you who have to return to work soon, but we’re loving our new lifestyle.

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