Almost Ready!

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On an incredibly wet Monday morning, we got the phone call we were waiting for. We could collect the Motorhome next week. The collection point is in the North East of England.

Now the planning really starts… How are we going to get to the North East? Would we need to stay over? How long should we hire a car for? Is there a campsite nearby? What should we take with us? How long are we going to spend familiarising ourselves with the Motorhome before the Adventure begins? When should we say our goodbyes and collect the rest of our belongings?

So, we’ve hired a car – one we can return to another depot rather than having to drive a car and Motorhome back south. We’ve booked an overnight stop for the day before so we can travel up slowly. We’ve booked an overnight camping stop nearby for the collection day so we can try to understand the vehicle.

Now the real task begins, what do we need to take and what should we store? Is there an easy solution? I think we’ll have to wait and see – I’m sure that we will be letting you know shortly whether we have taken too much of missed the essential items. I still remember a post I read when we first started reading them, that a potato masher is not readily available in parts of Europe – I often have random useless facts in my head! So the masher is packed!!!

The boxes we have already packed will be whittled down and essentials taken – some of luxury items will be picked up on the return to base before setting off. There’s only so much stuff you can pack into a hire car!

Albi has his been booked in with the groomer, we already had our hair sorted for a family wedding two weeks ago! I think we’re getting there. You’ll find out more once we’ve picked up our Motorhome.

Thank you Erwin Hymer. Thank you Etrusco. Thank you for reading and we look forward to updating you with our news very soon.