Meet Nortia

Nortia at Thetford Forest CMC Site June 2019

Nortia is the name of an Etruscan goddess whose influences were time, fate, destiny and chance.

Nortia is also our Etrusco T7400QBC Motorhome, very kindly supplied by Erwin Hymer and Etrusco. She has had her payload increased to 3850Kgs and had a few optional extras added – satellite dome, solar panel and awning as well as a gas BBQ point.

She has a rear bedroom with a queen-sized bed and two half size wardrobes which seem to fit way more than you could imagine – we have made one for hanging items and the other for folded items. The bed can be raised and lowered to enable the garage underneath to hold larger items.

There is a separate toilet and shower which with the clever use of doors you can have as an en-suite, separate toilet / shower or a large bathroom and dressing area!

The main living area has two bench seats which can convert to travelling chairs (with seat belts) the captains chairs driving seats are quick and easy to turn around and add to the seating arrangement around a large dining table. The living area is a functional kitchen with an oven / grill, 3 burner hob and wash up sink. There is also a large 3 way fridge freezer.

If we have additional guests to stay there is a large double bed which pulls down from the ceiling in the living area with a lovely skylight for star gazing. It has surrounding curtains and there is a ladder to make access easier.

Albi has made himself at home with his bed in front of one of the bench seats.

The cab has lovely air conditioning fitted, which on days like today (it was 34°C when we set out) was an absolute must.

We can honestly say we cannot fault the Motorhome we’ve been given and continue to count our blessings each day.

Nortia the goddess of time, fate destiny and chance has certainly been looking out for us.

Thank you as always for reading to the end, we’ll be letting you know more about our first adventure soon.

WOW! – What a Week!

Following on from our conversation with Rachel & Emma at Erwin Hymer UK – we needed to get all systems in place to collect the MoHo from Cleveland Motorhomes in Darlington. We organised car hire – a lovely Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport from Enterprise Car Hire. We booked a hotel – The Chequers at Dalton-on-Tees.

We organised our our belongings into boxes ready to be taken, and tried to pack the car…… It wouldn’t all fit! We knew we would have to leave some stuff to be picked up later but the amount left behind was enormous – will it ever fit? We hoped we’ve packed all we need for a week or so.

Wednesday 19th June – MoHo Day! We woke – I took the dog for a walk ( in horrendous rain) and was completely drenched from head down by a speeding car through a puddle – I have an orange waterproof coat so there was no way it was accidental – was this an omen? We had a lovely breakfast in the Chequers and went for a drive to Hartlepool – the plan was to let the dog run on the beach, but the weather had other ideas – Albi has always been a fair weather dog and the thought of a sandy dog in a hire car was too much to consider. As time went on the clouds lifted, there was blue sky (enough to make a sailor a pair of trousers!!) a good omen, then there was sun.

We arrived at Cleveland Motorhomes, still feeling a little apprehensive – was this a reality or dream (was it the classic dream sequence from Dallas – where Bobby comes out of the shower)? Then we saw the friendly faces of Rachel and Emma, it was real! We were introduced to our lovely new home – An Etrusco T7400QBC.

We were shown around the Motorhome and shown all the features we would need to know. We’ll update you with a MoHo overview on another post. Then we were given the keys and the adventure begins….

Almost Ready!

No photo description available.

On an incredibly wet Monday morning, we got the phone call we were waiting for. We could collect the Motorhome next week. The collection point is in the North East of England.

Now the planning really starts… How are we going to get to the North East? Would we need to stay over? How long should we hire a car for? Is there a campsite nearby? What should we take with us? How long are we going to spend familiarising ourselves with the Motorhome before the Adventure begins? When should we say our goodbyes and collect the rest of our belongings?

So, we’ve hired a car – one we can return to another depot rather than having to drive a car and Motorhome back south. We’ve booked an overnight stop for the day before so we can travel up slowly. We’ve booked an overnight camping stop nearby for the collection day so we can try to understand the vehicle.

Now the real task begins, what do we need to take and what should we store? Is there an easy solution? I think we’ll have to wait and see – I’m sure that we will be letting you know shortly whether we have taken too much of missed the essential items. I still remember a post I read when we first started reading them, that a potato masher is not readily available in parts of Europe – I often have random useless facts in my head! So the masher is packed!!!

The boxes we have already packed will be whittled down and essentials taken – some of luxury items will be picked up on the return to base before setting off. There’s only so much stuff you can pack into a hire car!

Albi has his been booked in with the groomer, we already had our hair sorted for a family wedding two weeks ago! I think we’re getting there. You’ll find out more once we’ve picked up our Motorhome.

Thank you Erwin Hymer. Thank you Etrusco. Thank you for reading and we look forward to updating you with our news very soon.